"Corn Snake" is the first episode of Season 2 of Weeds.


The second season opens where the first season left off...Nancy Botwin, the suburban soccer mom who also happens to be the Queen of Weed in her community, has just discovered that the new man in her bed is a bona fide DEA agent, complete with gun and badge! When Conrad hears the news, he threatens to pull the plug on their deal and their friendship; In order to get into the growing business, Nancy must sell the bake shop, but a sale won't net enough cash; Silas' disrespect is getting on Nancy's nerves; Andy attempts to get into rabbinical school to avoid getting sent to Iraq; Celia, who is pissed off at Doug, decides to run for his seat on the city council; Sanjay finds a way to help Nancy with her bake-shop problem.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Mary-Louise Parker - Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth Perkins - Celia Hodes
Tonye Patano - Heylia James
Romany Malco - Conrad Shepard
Justin Kirk - Andy Botwin
Hunter Parrish - Silas Botwin
Alexander Gould - Shane Botwin
Kevin Nealon - Doug Wilson

Supporting CastEdit

Meital Dohan - Yael Hoffman
Allie Grant - Isabelle Hodes
Indigo - Vaneeta James
Maulik Pancholy - Sanjay
Shoshannah Stern - Megan Beals
Renee Victor - Lupita
Andy Milder - Dean Hodes
Martin Donovan - Peter Scottson
Becky Thyre - Pam
Ingrid Oliu - Concha
Bernard Addison - Fireman
Sherry Zerwin - Devil Bitch


Directed By:
Craig Zisk

Written By:
Jenji Kohan

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