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Dean Hodes
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance You Can't Miss The Bear
Last Appearance It's Time
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Occupation Lawyer
Former Drug Dealer
Number of episodes 57
Relatives Celia (ex-wife)
Quinn (daughter)
Isabelle (daughter)
Portrayed by Andy Milder

Dean Hodes is Isabelle's father and Celia's ex-husband. He cheated on Celia because he felt like they had a distant relationship, they were constantly at odds with each other and disagreeing about how to raise their daughter, Isabelle. Dean loves Isabelle and tries to make the best possible life for her and himself after he splits up with Celia and Agrestic burns down.

Character History[]

Season 1[]

Dean is a lawyer who smokes pot. He is often made fun of for his body shape. He likes smoking pot with fellow stoner, Douglas Wilson. As revenge for cheating, during the first episodes of season 1 Celia, while he is sleeping, cuts his hair and makes him bald

Season 7[]

On the 6th episode of season 7, "Object Impermanence", Dean runs out of Heylia's house with his pants down stopping Heylia from shooting and killing Nancy and Silas. Later he is questioned for his sexual relationship with Heylia where he denies and claims that he is helping her with legal issues within her business and is living with her and Conrad.