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Guillermo García Gómez
Gender Male
Date of Birth -
First Appearance The Brick Dance
Last Appearance It's Time
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Occupation Drug Dealer
Number of episodes 18
Relatives -
Portrayed by Guillermo Díaz

Guillermo García Gómez was originally introduced as the head of the Mexican gang who was doing business with U-Turn. In the end of season three, Nancy promised him half of her MILF money for full protection from blackmailers and rival dealers. After he burned down Agrestic, while trying to help Nancy, he offered her cash in return for sex. She later learned that he was actually part of a much larger organization, run by Esteban Reyes. The organization controls the border from 324 to 666 (hence the "Tres Seis" name of the organization). Tres Seis exports cocaine and prostitutes to the United States, and imports weapons to Mexico. Guillermo was ratted out by Nancy, and then busted by the D.E.A.

Guillermo spent the first half of season five in a US prison for drug smuggling. During this time Guillermo sent a message to Nancy and met her threatening to kill her and eventually relents when he learns she is engaged to Esteban Reyes and carrying his child.  Eventually he is moved to mexico and set free by the intervention of Nancy, to engage his help to kill Pilar. However Guillermo actually works for Pilar so strings Nancy along to free himself... He also appeared in the last three episodes of season 8.

Guillermo was shown having a liking to cats during season 5, reminding him of when his cat killed his dragon.

Guillermo eventually becomes leader of the Mexican drug operations while Nancy is on the run for Pilar's death.