"I Am The Table" is the eighth episode of season four of Weeds.


An impromptu lunch date for Nancy and Esteban ends in a hail of gunfire; Celia seems to have developed a dependency on Xanax; Silas tells Lisa what he grows, and Lisa offers him use of her shop as a cover; acting on advice from Cesar, Shane carries out a preemptive strike at his new school; Doug and Andy's Coyote business attracts some unwanted attention; as their dream date continues, Nancy learns more about Esteban's appetites and desires.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Mary-Louise Parker - Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth Perkins - Celia Hodes
Hunter Parrish - Silas Botwin
Alexander Gould - Shane Botwin
Allie Grant - Isabelle Hodes
Justin Kirk - Andy Botwin
Kevin Nealon - Doug Wilson

Supporting CastEdit

Luis Accinelli - Info Man
Richard Azurdia - Davenport
Bernardo Badillo - Garza
Demián Bichir - Esteban Reyes
Julie Bowen - Lisa Ferris
Enrique Castillo - Cesar
Guillermo Díaz - Guillermo García Gómez
Hemky Madera - Ignacio
Ivo Nandi - Claudio
Mario Quinonez Jr. - Dweeb
Willy Rosner - Customer
Manuel Urrego - Luis
Christian Vandal - Dan
Anthony Ledesma - Bodyguard


Directed By:
Adam Bernstein

Written By:
David Holstein & Brendan Kelly

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