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Bruce Hodes

(Formerly Isabel Hodes)

Gender Male (Born Female)
Date of Birth October 20, 1994
First Appearance You Can't Miss The Bear
Last Appearance All About My Mom
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Occupation Student<ba>Former Model
Number of episodes 36
Relatives Celia (mother)
Dean Hodes (father)
Quinn (sister)
Portrayed by Allie Grant

Isabel Hodes (now known as Bruce Hodes) is Celia's daughter, who frustrated her mother with her open lesbianism before her sex change. Celia is also frustrated with her daughter's unwillingness to lose weight. That frustration peaks when Isabel becomes an advertising model for Huskaroo's before her transition, a clothing line for plus-size kids. She becomes close friends with Shane Botwin in season 3, as they bond over their dysfunctional families. Isabel resents her mother, but seems to enjoy her father's company. She is seen throughout season 1 - 5 up until her final appearance in the season 5 finale where she was going to help Doug and Dean get revenge on Celia for stealing their pot. In the series finale, after a ten-year gap, Dean reveals to Shane that Isabel had a sex change operation and is now named Bruce.


  • Isabel openly admits she is a lesbian before transitioning.
  • While getting high with Shane for the first time, Isabel lets him touch her boobs. Shane offers to let her touch his penis but she has no interest in doing so.
  • The subplot of Doug, Dean, and Isabel teaming up to take down Celia in the season 5 finale would have been explored in season 6, but, due to the departure of Elizabeth Perkins (Celia Hodes), Celia and Isabel were no longer seen in the series since the season 5 finale although they are mentioned a few times.
  • Isabel was said to have had sex reassignment surgery and changed her name to Bruce Hodes.