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"It's Time" is the two-part to the final episode of season eight of Weeds.


Since the last episode some years have passed. We get kow that Nancy has married David but he already died in a car accident. Weed is legal now and the Botwin family got very rich with their company. Because of Stevie's Bar Mitzva the whole family and friends from the past come to the house in Connecticut. Silas and Megan got married and have a daughter named Flora. Shane has drinking problems and a sloppy girlfriend but finally he realized that he has to change his life. Doug founded a sect and Andy renovated the house in Ren Mar and got a child. After allowing Stevie to go on bording school, Nancy seems very sad an alone so she decides to sell the company to be free and get the chance to do what she wants. In the last scene of the episode we see the five main characters sitting on the veranda stairs when it begins to snow.

Cast and Crew[]

Main Cast[]

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Directed By: Michael Trim

Written By: Jenji Kohan