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Onahoua Rodriguez.jpg
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance Excellent Treasures
Last Appearance 'Till We Meet Again
Aliases/Nicknames {{{alias}}}
Occupation Unemployeed
Number of episodes 4
Relatives -
Portrayed by Onahoua Rodriguez

Maria or Mermex was an illegal immegrant, who washed up on a beach in Ren Mar. She was spotted coming out of the ocean by Doug Wilson, who fell in love with her and gave her the nickname Mermex a Mermaid-Mexican. Maria was then arrested by immigration but took Doug's Flip-Flop as a token as she was being deported. Doug later smuggled her back across the border, after Andy uses hes Coyote connections to track her down. However after getting to know Doug, Maria realized she is in love with Andy. This then leads Doug to call immigration on Maria in spite.