"The Dark Time" is the twelth episode of season three of Weeds.


Knowing what she knows and facing a mountain of bills, Celia wants "in" on Nancy's business; a fire marshal inspection causes a small panic at the grow house as Conrad decides to move it; Andy has a thing for a biker chick, but the chick's brother has a deal to offer Nancy; at a vulnerable moment, Conrad and Nancy connect at a new level.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Mary-Louise Parker - Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth Perkins - Celia Hodes
Tonye Patano - Heylia James
Romany Malco - Conrad Shepard
Hunter Parrish - Silas Botwin
Alexander Gould - Shane Botwin
Andy Milder - Dean Hodes
Allie Grant - Isabelle Hodes
Justin Kirk - Andy Botwin
Kevin Nealon - Doug Wilson

Supporting CastEdit

Fatso-Fasano - Marvin
Tobias Forrest - Lane
Sprague Grayden - Denise
Julanne Chidi Hill - Clinique
Indigo - Vaneeta James
Mitch Longley - Murderball Ref
Matthew Modine - Sullivan Groff
Maulik Pancholy - Sanjay
Rodney Rowland - Chess


Directed By:
Ernest R. Dickerson

Written By:
Victoria Morrow

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