"The Love Circle Overlap" is the tenth episode of season four of Weeds.


Nancy discovers the tunnel is being used for more than drugs. Esteban allays her fears and her nagging headache with a powerful psychedelic remedy of a tea called Ayahuasca. Celia's family stages an intervention, forcing her into rehab. Andy locates Maria and brings her across the border to an awaiting Doug, only to find the Border Patrol waiting for them. He gives Doug 5 minutes to run, and keeps one prisoner. At home, Silas babysits, while Shane explores virgin territory with his two new girlfriends.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Mary-Louise Parker - Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth Perkins - Celia Hodes
Hunter Parrish - Silas Botwin
Alexander Gould - Shane Botwin
Allie Grant - Isabelle Hodes
Justin Kirk - Andy Botwin
Kevin Nealon - Doug Wilson

Supporting CastEdit

Jocelyn Aguilar - Amparo
Demián Bichir - Esteban Rayes
Julie Bowen - Lisa Ferris
Guillermo Díaz - Guillermo García Gómez
Barry Finkel - Waiter
Anthony Ledesma - Bodyguard
Joey Luthman - Rad Ferris
Hemky Madera - Ignacio
Hannah Marks - Harmony
Andy Milder - Dean Hodes
Maulik Pancholy - Sanjay
Jillian Rose Reed - Simone
Onahoua Rodriguez - Maria


Directed By:
Julie Anne Robinson

Written By:
Victoria Morrow

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