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Snoop Dogg on Weed(s)

Snoop Dogg (as a guest star) talking about Weeds!

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Agrestic Township

Agrestic was a pseudo-gated community in southern California, very close to LA...

News about Season 7
Weeds renewed for 7th Season!
"It’s official! Showtime has renewed both Weeds and The Big C for additional seasons. In 2011, fans of Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) will bear witness to Weeds Season 7..."

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10 420-Friendly Gifts For Weed Connoisseurs - Yahoo News - - 2021/12/03 01:28

10 420-Friendly Gifts For Weed Connoisseurs  Yahoo News...

Gifts For Stoners - The Daily Beast - - 2021/12/03 01:19

Gifts For Stoners  The Daily Beast...

Demi Lovato Says They’re Finished Drinking in Moderation and Smoking Weed - Glamour - - 2021/12/02 22:18

Demi Lovato Says They’re Finished Drinking in Moderation and Smoking Weed  Glamour...

This Is Why Weed Smells So Skunky - IFLScience - - 2021/12/02 21:16

This Is Why Weed Smells So Skunky  IFLScience...

CNN SPECIAL REPORT: WEED 6: Cannabis and Autism - CNN Press Room - - 2021/12/02 20:26

CNN SPECIAL REPORT: WEED 6: Cannabis and Autism  CNN Press Room...
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WeedsBotwin WeedsBotwin 17 October 2012

Weeds season 9 PETITION (Save Weeds)

A PETITION page to help SAVE Weeds TV show and make it CONTINUE for MORE seasons, or get a spin-off series with Nancy Botwin. Please LIKE this page to support WEEDS and help SAVE THE SERIES. http://fa…

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 13 June 2012

Weeds Cancelled After Season 8

It's official- Showtime is canceling Weeds after Season Eight, which will premiere on July 1.

The news first broke on Entertainment Weekly, who spoke directly with Showtime entertainment president Dav…

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 7 June 2012

New Season 8 Video

Showtime has released a new Season Eight teaser--we don't see any of what happens in the new season yet (but we will when it airs in July!)

However, we do see all of the bad things that sexy drug-push…

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JordanaBrewsterFAN JordanaBrewsterFAN 18 April 2012

Chick who died in pool.

In a YouTube video I found which contains 100 death scenes had a scene from I think this show. The guy after hitting the chick says: I couldn't find a golf club. From which episode is this? Video is …

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