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Yael Hoffman
Gender Female
Date of Birth -
First Appearance The Punishment Light
Last Appearance God Willing and the Creeks Don't RIse
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Occupation Dean of Admissions at a Rabbinical School
Number of episodes 7
Portrayed by Meital Dohan

Yael Hoffman is the Dean of Admissions at the rabbinical school that Andy Botwin attended. He begged her for a place to avoid having to go to the army. At first she insisted that he was not her type, but then decided that he has the qualities that she looked for in a woman. She then proceeded to have anal sex with him, wearing a strap-on. When Andy's toes got bitten off and he no longer needed rabbinical school, so he quit, causing Yael to dump him.

Andy returned to Regrestic in the last season in an attempt to win Yael back. When he dropped in on her at the rabbinical school, she had no memory of him.