"You Can't Miss The Bear" is the first episode of season one of Weeds.


In the series opener we meet Nancy Botwin, a recently widowed suburban soccer mom who's dealing pot to make ends meet; Nancy flips out when she discovers Josh, one of her competitors, is dealing to 10 year-olds at her youngest son's school, but she soon discovers a bigger skeleton in Josh's closet; Nancy is stunned when Quinn, her rival Celia's 15 year old daughter, asks her permission to have sex with her 15 year old son, Silas; Celia thinks her Nanny-Cam is the perfect solution to keep the kids celibate, but she ends up seeing much more than she bargained for.

Cast and CrewEdit

Main CastEdit

Mary-Louise Parker - Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth Perkins - Celia Hodes
Tonye Patano - Heylia James
Romany Malco - Conrad Shepard
Hunter Parrish - Silas Botwin
Alexander Gould - Shane Botwin
Kevin Nealon - Doug Wilson

Supporting CastEdit

Haley Hudson - Quinn Hodes
Justin Chatwin - Josh Wilson
Indigo - Vaneeta James
Tyrone M. Mitchell - Keeyon
Renee Victor - Lupita
Allie Grant - Isabelle Hodes
Andy Milder - Dean Hodes
Clayton Rohner - Coach Dad
Tressa DiFiglia - Audience Mother 1
Stephanie Nash - Audience Mother 2
Michelle Benes - Audience Mother 3
Adam Taylor Gordon - Devon Rensler
Jina Song - Helen Chin
Rick Clark - Bear Hunter 1
Mike Massa - Bear Hunter 2
Christopher Noxon - Bear Hunter 3
John Kelly - Hiram Wells

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